Moonlight and Magic -- Diamonds and Dreams

Moonlight and Magic -- Diamonds and Dreams

Moonlight and Magic -- 5/5/2015

MOONLIGHT AND MAGIC: "Rebecca Paisley is the queen of charming love stories. With tender prose, she creates golden fairytales filled with lovable characters who remind us the people we love are worth the battle. Poignant, funny, and unique, her stories stay with us long after we've turned that last shining page. Just wonderful!
- Jill Barnett, NYT Bestselling Author

She caught him in her werewolf trap in the Dragoon Mountains of Arizona and promptly informed him he was the Knight In Shining Armor the mystical spirits had sent to rescue her from the dangerous villain who was after her land and her life.  

He was not amused and had no intention of serving as a medieval hero to some batty damsel in distress.

She was a bumbling witch.  He thought her daft.

She knew for sure he'd stay.  He tried to leave, but one infuriating thing after another happened to keep him with her.

She quote Aristotle and Shakespeare to the hostile and wary Apache.  He prayed Cochise was a merciful man.

She was convinced he was as untutored in the ways of passion as she and took great delight in "experimenting" with him.  He graciously allowed her to carry out her research before proving what a master he was.

She believed in the magic of her incantations.
He believed in the magic of his guns.

Together Chimera and Sterling learned to believe in the powers of a magic supreme to all others . . .

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