Welcome to my new home, the house that Rae Monet built!  If there was ever an author who made Rae want to go screaming out into the night, it was me.  Thank you, Rae, for not going out screaming into the night!  I will always love you for your patience with me.

I should tell y’all some details about who I am.  I’m an Air Force brat and, besides writing my name in the dust of dirty cars when I was little, the first thing I wrote was a poem about having my sister put into a box and sent to a witch.  From then on, I realized I possessed a whole other world in my soul where anything I wanted to happen, could.  All I had to do was pay attention to it.

Many of you have asked where I have been since my last publications.  Well, aside from family things, there’s this piece of metal, you see, and this piece of metal wouldn’t tell me what it was for or from where it had come.  Was it destined to become a story, or had I suddenly and strangely become a metallurgist?  It baffled me for years.  But now I know the significance of this piece of metal, and I am working hard to tell its story, a tale that began centuries ago and is still unfolding its secrets.

fairyAnd I would be a terrible person if I didn’t tell y’all about the fairies.  Muses, pixies, whimsical Voices inside me...whatever it fancies you to call them.  They captured me!  I woke up one morning and was in a nest with two eggs beside me.  Those eggs didn’t hatch, but apparently I did.  Oh, dear readers, the things I saw!  The places I went!  The people and creatures I met!  Magic?  No magic I had ever heard of or read about comes close to the Magic that spirited me away.  This is not to say I only write fantasy/paranormals.  No.  But there come moments when I feel the Magic still holds sway over my thoughts and feelings.  Is it not true that Real Life is often caressed by the smile of Serendipity?

I’m going to tell you stories through the eyes of characters who live and breathe just as you and I do.  You must relinquish your hold on reality when you come with me.  I’m going to show you things you have not seen before, and I think they will astonish you.  And make you a little bit sad.  But mostly they will make you laugh as they take you along journeys you never thought you would take.

I am capricious and will always write what I know has happened or could happen.  It matters not what your mind thinks of my tales. 

Your heart will know my stories are true.     

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